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Marlon 2017/06/25 21:33

Beyond Meatspace :: Marlon van der Linde

Software dev, outdoor & nature lover, railfan, somewhat of a gamer, enjoyer of coffee, amateur nature photographer, votary of science & technology and opensource advocate from Cape Town - South Africa

Regarding work:
I have worked as an electronics repair guy (during school, mostly replacing blown 2N3055's and tuning coils on old Tedelex AM radios), and as a unix & linux systems admin, but the last ten years was spent doing my core thing, writing software. Right now, I am developing back-end software, and enjoy working with a very active and cultural team at Curve. My previous few roles being interesting too, in their own ways.
Regarding life?
My ideal working(which is also play) environment is Debian GNU/Linux, yes, for philosophical reasons, but also portability and dependability. A 1440p monitor, GTX 960 and 32GB of ram keeps Fluxbox (or sometimes WindowMaker) happy, and gives docker enough room to breathe. I love JetBrains IDE's (and I have my PHPStorm setup to handle all my php, nodejs, haskell and golang duties) but have NetBeans as my primary IDE at this point (cost, and work license stuff…). I am a vimmer, I do use windows for games from time to time (however, Quake3A and Wurm runs better for me in Linux), because JeffK taught me everything I know.

ǝpuıl ɹǝp uɐʌ uolɹɐɯ :: ǝɔɐdsʇɐǝɯ puoʎǝq

This site is based on DokuWiki, so see their copyright. The content, is mine. You can use it, but don't steal it, or claim it. Most of it is copyright © 2017 Marlon van der Linde. Other things I link to, are obviously copyrighted in their own ways, so do your homework. Photography by me, are mine and mine alone, but when in doubt, ask. Communication gets things done.

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