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Projects And Repositories

While many of my projects are private (for security, work or shame), I do have a tonne of active, dormant and abandoned projects in the public space. This page will list some of them, but there may be unlisted repositories, so always check out my Github and BitBucket profiles.

Repo/Project State Info
Arid-Grazer active PHP7.1 based Post-Office-like package distribution API, for *any* purpose (chat, game server, etc)
FlatReality hibernating Row 1 Col 3
Cogito inactive C/Arduino project started with the intention of monitoring my water/electrical use
statsd-bash-pingd Bash/Shell - Statsd metrics from bash, to monitor connectivity between nodes (created at work and opensourced)
Anoname PHP Random name generator, as used in Arid-Grazer. Demo on Heroku
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