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Projects And Repositories

Most of my projects are private (either for security or shame), however, I do have a heap of active, dormant and abandoned projects in the public space. This page will list a few of them, but there may be unlisted repositories, so always check out my Github and BitBucket profiles. or ask.

Repo/Project State Info
WurmHole active PHP7 REST API to modify Wurm Unlimited Player data and skills
Arid-Grazer working,inactive PHP7.1 based Post-Office-like package distribution API, for *any* purpose (chat, game server, etc)
FlatReality hibernating Row 1 Col 3
Cogito superseded C/Arduino project started with the intention of monitoring my water/electrical use
statsd-bash-pingd Bash/Shell - Statsd metrics from bash, to monitor connectivity between nodes (created at work and opensourced)
Anoname bygone PHP Random name generator, as used in Arid-Grazer. Demo on Heroku


2017/10/06 13:20
Only one active project at this time, which is a very long term and large development. More details later.

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