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Polite Code

This is a page, that will grow with time, about the honest, polite things coders expect from other coders, and from ourselves. We can deal with the learning, and the faulty… we can not deal with purposefully ignorantly badly written code, and ivory tower designs. We cannot deal with ego, lies, laziness (unless it is Haskell) and we definitely do not tolerate the obliviousness surrounding bad code. It is bad for companies, it is bad our peers, moods, stability, name it.
I am going to try and make this page about that. I am going to share videos, and talks, discussions, irc logs… Why? Because when one programmer or architect states his opinion, it is just his opinion, until there is proof of a general agreement in the community. Business, deadlines and money, these elements all ignore that which is exactly and supposedly there to generate income for them. A good culture around development, results in better, faster, sooner, stabler systems, period. But let's stick to code culture here, for more about company and work culture, stay tuned for my specific page on that topic.

Videos and Talks

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