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A short bit…

Temporarily, some info...

… because an empty page is a crime.

I intend on keeping my doings and goings private, but can use this page to share links to things as they occur.
While I dabble in some interesting projects, which vary from writing and filmography, to exploring and researching remote and desolate areas lesser (or preferably not at all) traveled by others, I enjoy the fact that only a limited number (and kind) of persons can access and destroy these areas, animals and items. Vague?

Well, from the age of 12, I started exploring areas, places, finding things, building data, collecting images and proving stuff I needed proved, by myself. When all I could do was walk, I would go there alone, with a friend if possible, factories, old war-sites, abandoned buildings. When I got my first motorbike in school, I used this to travel further, with nothing but an old film camera. I had to know things, and every month, it was something new. I found stuff, I found (and befriended) people running a pirate radio station from atop a remote hill in the freestate. I saw things, photographed them, I became aware of the people's lies and tales. It was great, for a kid, but then I grew up. My exploration became about learning to deal with, survive and get through real life stuff. Studying the real happenings of nature, wild animals, weather! I don't do these things alone anymore, and have the best girl by my side, and we get out there, to see, find and document. Life is not all about work, it's about living, and spending it with important people, things and in the right places…

At some point I will have more writings and outputs available, time is limited, planning is hard, work is invasive and chores need doing. Stay tuned please :-)

Until then, do look at some of the images that sprout from my journeys and fact-finding expeditions ^_^

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