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Programming Languages

There's a pile of languages and dialects, technology stacks and systems. I have realised that it is impossible to pursue a large number of them, but I have an interest in many. This is a list of the things that are currently influencing my work and play code time, the things that affect my daily life, and those which I really want to learn to do well (but had no time yet).

Software programming, or any of the other hyper-2k terms like engineering, development, building, moulding - is a subset of information technology. I consider myself a learner-for-life, there is too much to do, and so little time. This is a boon, not a curse… there will forever be learning. This page is about the c0d3, so information about graphics, db's, docs and other things - continue searching my site.


Current languages (current: daily, or regularly touching on, or not-forgotten)

PHP5/PHP7 Most of my career, and a lot of personal projects. A secret love, and very useful grinder. I will PHP forever, I love it on my own terms and conditions and it gets the job done, no doubt.
Haskell I always loved Haskell, and I am slowly(really) learning to write high-performance, pure, functional code in it. Haskell changed the way I think about how I write my php, permanently.
Go Recently started learning go, and I am somewhat hooked. About 1 month into it now. How can Ken and Rob be wrong? I steer all new programmers towards Go atm
NodeJS(es6) While I loathe front-end, Node got me into js for back-end. I wrote tonnes of microservices and API's in it over the last 1.5 years. I have developed a soft-spot for node.
C# An imperative, general, strongly typed OO language by MicroSoft, seemingly powerful and a great alternative to getting the Java/C++ rust off. Mostly, my interest here is for Unity3D work. C# is impressive, to be honest.


Fact of life, cannot get to them all. Some of these are slightly dusty, some are in my scope, but most are quite historic in my journey. :'(

C Probably completely rusted up now. This was part of my studies and contemplating some small projects soon.
C++ Shelfed. Pulled 97% on my (simple, however) practical exam, and always loved it, although I am leaning more towards C or Go now.
Elixir I have a few hours of elixir experience, thanks to my buddy, Zachary Ball. This will stay on my todo list for a while. I like what I am seeing, Elixir is fault tolerant, functional and looks sexy.
Python Used to be the go-to tool for general stuff at work, and home-projects. There will always be something to be said about it, I don't enjoy Django however.
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