Beyond Meatspace
Marlon van der Linde

About NotNull(and me)

This site is a virtual representation of the carbon version of me. I am a senior software Engineer at Konga where I spend my days hacking (node, php, bash, python, whatever) with a superb crew. Outside of the [flexitime of w0rk], I enjoy photography, some gaming and developing my own projects at home (backendy stuff, 3D/webGL, that sort of thing). is not just a mere homepage (well this specific page is mine), but a collaboration of friends to discover, communicate and share knowledge. Any opinions or points of view expressed on this page, are mine solely, and not those of friends, family or employers.

I do not possess the colourful prowess to mock up beautiful UI, so this page is based off a little borrowed bootstrap theme called GrayScale

Fun (or imperative) things

An extremely incomplete list of links to things worth checking out

NodeJS The infamous PHP RabbitMQ Node's Package Manager PM2 Process Manager Debian GNU/Linux Three.js Google Play Music (a life-saving source each day)


I maintain a bunch of outside services, mostly to pals and family, but some of them are free to use (even by you).

NotNull TeamSpeak3 Server @ ARMA3 Public Server (CPT) (offline) NotNull's Slack Group (if you feel like joining #code, #money or #fstop

Disclaimer: Some of these services are mostly for friends and family of NotNull. Priority will be given as such. Do ask though :)

Locate and Contact

I like a friendly contact, but I respect intelligent crititque too. Feel free to make contact. If you are a friend, a friend of a friend or just simply want to hang with us in #code, let me know and I will send you an invite to our Slack group. Otherwise, send me an email for _anything_ really

marlon @ notnull . xyz