The Internet of Me.
In a nutshell...

About NotNull(and me)

This site is a representation, of (what will hopefully, eventually be) my code and photography. I am a senior software Engineer at Konga where I spend my days hacking with a great crew, everything from microservices to machine-learning, in NodeJS and Golang. Outside of work, I enjoy outdoors photography and exploration, so you might find references to my gallery elsewhere.

NotNull is simply a landing-area for friends and strangers to find and contact me, something to link to :) Any opinions or points of view expressed here are mine, and not those of my friends, family or employers.

Last but not least, I do not enjoy (or possess the colourful talents) to mock up beautiful websites, so what you here is a bootstrap theme, called GrayScale

Rock out, with your link out

A bunch of links to other sites and projects I maintain or enjoy. Some are, a work in progress, as they say

Bitbucket Code Repositories Photographic Archive Photography on 500px Reddit / marlon001 My (new) Twitter Feed NotNull Wiki Friends of Friends Slack Group
LinkedIn Profile


An incomplete, and changing list of /things/ I play with, work in, love, hate and generally feel pleased with

NodeJS Google's Go Lang The infamous PHP RabbitMQ Node's Package Manager PM2 Process Manager Debian GNU/Linux


I administer/host a myriad of services to friends and family. Some of them are open to use freely, even by you...

NotNull TeamSpeak3 Server @ ARMA3 Public Server (CPT)

Disclaimer: Some of these services are mostly for friends and family of NotNull. Priority will be given as such

If you don't like support, demand it ;)

Locate and Contact

I like a friendly contact, but I respect a good crititque too (if it's intelligent). Feel free to make contact. If you are a friend, a friend of a friend or just simply want to hang with us in #code, let me know and I will send you an invite to our Slack group. Otherwise, send me an email for _anything_ really

marlon @ notnull . xyz